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You don’t have to automatically foot the bill for a hit-and-run accident just because the other driver didn’t stop and do his or her legal duty. The hit-and-run accident lawyers at the Law Office of Christopher L. Giddings, P.C. work with clients to develop a plan of action for seeking fair compensation for losses in vehicle accidents.

Actions To Take Following A Hit-And-Run

We know that being involved in any type of vehicle accident can be a shock to the system, and that’s even more true when the other driver flees the scene. If you’re able to notice and remember details about the incident, anything can help legal professionals seek compensation on your behalf. Some details you may want to record with your phone or write down as soon as you are able include:

damaged car
  • Where the accident occurred
  • What you remember about the events leading up to the accident
  • What the other driver or passengers looked like
  • Whether there were any other witnesses to the accident
  • The make, model and/or color of the other vehicle
  • Whether the other vehicle had special markings, especially if it was a company logo

What Options Can Hit-And-Run Lawyers Discuss With You?

No matter what information you have, contacting a personal injury attorney to go over your options can be a good idea. Your attorney can discuss options for seeking compensation including:

  • Finding and holding the other driver accountable for the accident, if possible
  • Seeking compensation from the employer of the driver or the owner of the vehicle in question
  • Using your own insurance policy — and uninsured motorist coverage — for compensation

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