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Millions of dog bites occur each year, and while not all bites are serious, even the smallest bite can result in an infection, disease or injury. It’s important to contact a dog bite attorney immediately following an attack to determine whether you have a case. At Christopher L. Giddings, P.C., our attorneys are experienced in a variety of personal injury cases

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Types of Dog Bite Cases

There are many different types of dog bite cases that Christopher L. Giddings, P.C., handles. Some of the most common are nonaggressive dog accidents, dangerous breed bites, dog attacks on young children and dog on dog attacks. The type of attack determines whether or not an insurance policy will cover the claim and whether you can receive significant compensation.

  • Nonaggressive dog accidents occur when a pet unintentionally bites. This is most common with large breed dogs that can knock people down and roughhouse. This type of case is usually covered by homeowner’s insurance.
  • Some dog breeds are inherently dangerous and pose a danger when they attack and bite humans. In this case, many homeowner’s insurance policies exclude coverage from these dangerous breed dogs.
  • Dog attacks on children pose additional liabilities because children often suffer from emotional and mental trauma as well as physical injuries.
  • Dog fights can result in injuries to both people and dogs; however, canine injuries are typically not covered under most insurance policies.

Legal Challenges For A Dog Bite Attorney

The biggest issue when filing a dog bite claim is determining the owner of the dog, especially if the dog is a stray or loose. If you’ve been bitten in a public place and suffered injuries, our dog bite attorney can do a further investigation to determine the legal owner of the animal. It’s important to act fast.

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