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We live in a time of impressive medical invention, and modern patients can often rely on a number of intervention options when it comes to treating illnesses and injuries. Surgery is one of those options, and today’s medical teams can accomplish almost miraculous results. At the same time, surgical intervention is still powered by people, and human beings can and do make mistakes. If you’re left picking up the pieces after a medical error, our surgical mistake lawyers can help.

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Surgical Mistake Legal Cases

A surgical mistake or error doesn’t automatically equate to a successful legal action. In some cases, medical teams catch an error right away, institute a fix and prevent the patient from suffering any adverse effects from the issue. But in cases where a surgical error did result in negative outcomes for you, you may have a case for compensation.

Some types of surgical error cases might include:

  • Inappropriate surgeries. An error in communication or process can cause medical teams to provide the wrong surgery or even operate on the wrong body part.
  • Poor standard of care. Errors or failure to follow SOPs in the operating room can lead to infections or other issues.
  • Mechanical errors during procedures. Surgeons may make errors such as cutting or nicking parts of the body that were not part of the procedure.
  • Leaving equipment behind. In some cases, medical teams leave small items inside the body after surgery (such as sponges or medical tools).

Any of these mistakes may lead to losses and damages for the patient, including pain and suffering, extra medical expenses, loss of limb or organ or loss of wages because of the need for more medical care.

Why Work With Experienced Surgical Mistake Lawyers?

Medical malpractice is different from other personal injury cases. First, the burden of proof is different; you don’t have to prove that medical teams acted willfully. Even mistakes made in fair efforts can result in malpractice. However, you do have to prove that the mistake directly contributed to further injury, illness or loss. Experienced surgical mistake lawyers know how to build these types of cases.

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No amount of money can erase the pain or loss you might have experienced from a surgical mistake. But compensation can help you cover associated costs or find financial stability after a life-changing event. Contact us online or via phone today to schedule a free consultation about your case.