Seeking Compensation For Damages From Misdiagnosis

When you seek assistance for a medical condition or injury from professionals, you put your trust in doctors and other providers to do the best thing for your health. Unfortunately, medical providers are human, and mistakes such as misdiagnosis do happen. If you sustain further injury or damages because of a misdiagnosis, the legal team at the Law Office of Christopher L. Giddings, P.C. can help.

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Types Of Misdiagnosis Cases

Misdiagnosis can be a type of medical malpractice. With medical malpractice cases, you don’t have to prove that a doctor or other provider willfully acted wrongly to receive compensation. You simply have to prove that an error was made and that it led to injury or loss.
Types of misdiagnosis can include:

  • Delayed diagnosis, which means the correct diagnosis was arrived at later than it should have been given an appropriate standard of care. Delayed diagnoses may occur because of process errors, miscommunication or failure of medical staff to approach diagnostics in an aggressive enough manner.
  • Wrong diagnosis from doctor, which involves a doctor making an incorrect conclusion about the medical evidence presented and choosing the wrong diagnosis.
  • Diagnostic testing error, which involves machine or computer errors that lead to inaccuracies in test results that cause a wrong diagnosis.

Seeking Compensation For Misdiagnosis

A wrong diagnosis doesn’t necessarily mean you have a case for compensation. Part of the medical process in many cases is considering and ruling out diagnoses, and a provider may believe you have one condition only to realize through treatment or testing that it’s another. For the misdiagnosis to be part of a viable compensation claim, you have to be able to show that you sustained some type of injury or damage because of the diagnosis error. Injuries and damages may include but aren’t necessarily limited to:

  • Issues that arise from inappropriate treatment
  • Increased severity of an illness or injury because misdiagnosis delayed appropriate treatment
  • Loss of earnings potential because of the delayed or inappropriate treatment

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