Medication Recall Lawyer In Pennsylvania

Medication recalls happen frequently. The recall process is meant to protect consumers from products that are discovered to be harmful or not effective. Unfortunately, recalls often occur only after someone (or multiple people) are impacted by the product or medication in question. At the Law Office of Christopher L. Giddings, P.C., we work with you to build a case for compensation if you’ve been injured by medication that has been recalled.

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Medication Recall Cases

You may realize a medication caused you harm after noticeable damage was done. For example, an individual might suffer a heart attack and then find out that a past prescription they took has been recalled for causing cardiovascular risks. In other cases, you may receive notification from your medical provider or pharmacy about a problem or recall with your medication before you experience symptoms associated with any issues. In either case, you might have some legal recourse. Contact our office for a free legal consultation to find out more if you suspect a recalled medication could have caused damages to your health.

Why Work With An Experienced Lawyer

Medical law cases tend to be complex, in part because they combine two complex fields — medicine and law. Success depends on a variety of factors, including an understanding of filing deadlines, the categories of drug recalls and class action suits. Pharmaceutical companies are also typically the defendant in any drug recall case, which means you can be pitted against a large corporation with seemingly endless legal resources.

At the Law Office of Christopher L. Giddings, P.C., we have decades of experience in personal injury and medical malpractice law, including medication recalls, so we can help you navigate and overcome many of these challenges. We also don’t charge you unless you’re compensated, so you won’t need to pay endless legal fees at a time you may be dealing with medical or other expenses due to your injury or illness.

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Like all legal cases, drug recall lawsuits are time sensitive. Contact us now for a free consultation. We can meet in your home or hospital room or at our office, at your convenience, to discuss your potential medication recall case.