Late Diagnosis Cases

While it takes time to go through appropriate diagnostic processes, in some cases inappropriate delays can cause harm for a patient. When an accurate diagnosis is delayed due to an issue with medical processes or knowledge, individuals may be able to seek compensation for any resulting injury they suffered. The experienced legal team at the Law Office of Christopher L. Giddings, P.C. is ready to review your case now.

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Late Diagnosis Personal Injury Cases

Late diagnosis cases are a form of medical malpractice case. Individuals who believe they have suffered harm due to negligence on the part of a medical provider can seek compensation for those damages via a lawsuit. Examples of damages that might be sustained in a late diagnosis case can include but aren’t limited to:

  • Additional medical expenses that are incurred because a condition was not identified and handled in a timely manner
  • Loss of wages or other expenses due to ongoing illness or injury that would not have been the case if the diagnosis had been more timely
  • Loss of companionship or support if someone passes away because of an illness that was not diagnosed in time for appropriate treatment

Working With A Professional Legal Team

Medical malpractice cases typically face several challenges, as the burden of proof is on the plaintiff. That means that we are required to show that the medical providers were negligent. Courts usually consider negligence in these cases to be a provider’s failure to exercise a skill level or degree of care that is average for that particular specialty and situation. Obviously, this can be subjective in nature, requiring experience in knowing how to build a case through seeking and presenting the right evidence and information.

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