Defective Medical Device Lawsuits – Seeking Compensation

When you turn to medical professionals for assistance with an injury or health need, you rely on them to make the best possible recommendations. Sometimes that includes the use or implantation of a medical device to aid your body in functioning properly. While many of these medical devices go on to provide long-term support for patients, not every story has a happy ending. Unfortunately, defective medical devices are a reality, and they can leave individuals struggling with additional injuries and damages. The legal team at the Law Office of Christopher L. Giddings, P.C. has experience fighting for individuals who have been injured by these types of devices.

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What Is A Defective Medical Device Lawsuit?

You can file a lawsuit if you sustained injuries or damages because a medical device did not function the way it was supposed to. These lawsuits are a type of product liability claim. In effect, you’re claiming that the device didn’t do its job or that it caused unintended injury because it didn’t work like the manufacturer said it would.

Challenges In Making A Case

Lawsuits centering on a defective medical device do come with challenges. First, as with any personal injury case, you have to prove that you did, in fact, sustain damages. You then have to prove that the damages occurred specifically because the device was defective. For example, you may need to show that it was the defective device and not surgeon error that caused the injuries. If it was the latter, that is a different type of lawsuit with a different defendant.

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