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You can trust the experienced personal injury legal team at the Law Office of Christopher L. Giddings, P.C. Whether you’re dealing with an injury after an accident, a medical error or another incident, we’ll evaluate your case during a free consultation and let you know how we can help. Our personal injury lawyers battle insurance companies and brave the court systems on your behalf so you can concentrate on spending time with loved ones or healing after an accident or injury.

Why Seek Compensation For Personal Injury?

Families may be hesitant to seek compensation after an injury or accident for a number of reasons. We can help you navigate the confusing legal system to seek the compensation that you deserve. That may include compensation for lost wages or earnings potential, pain and suffering or medical expenses you incurred because of the accident or injury.

Taking legal action can be important because it:

  • Helps you find closure and feel that justice has been served if someone’s actions were the cause of your injury
  • Makes it possible for you to find financial stability in the face of potentially great losses
  • Provides a legal stage upon which you can demand answers about how an incident occurred

Reasons To Work With A Personal Injury Lawyer

An experienced personal injury lawyer knows how the court systems work and what burden of proof may be needed to make a case for compensation. We can negotiate on your behalf with insurance companies and other parties and provide guidance as you consider settlement offers.

Plus, we make every legal effort as easy as possible on you. We handle the paperwork and other details, and we can even visit your home or hospital room to provide legal consultation.

Contact Us Today For More Information

Contact us today online or via phone for a free consultation about your case. We never charge for our initial evaluation, and we won’t charge you for legal services unless you win compensation as a result. 

Free Consultations to Discuss Your Case


Whether you or a loved one has suffered an injury due to the neglect of another, find peace of mind knowing the attorneys at our law firm are ready to fight for you. Before rendering our services, we provide a free consultation to discuss your case. You can call us any time to set up an appointment—24-hour phone service is available.

Giving You What You Deserve


At our law firm, we try to make the case as convenient as possible for you. We will even visit you at your home or the hospital to ensure you receive the personalized legal services you deserve. In addition, there are no fees unless you collect!

A Focus on Satisfaction


Since 1994, our attorneys have offered legal services to people throughout the area for personal injury and medical malpractice cases.

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